Basketball Season Reflection

This year, I have been part of the Sr. Girls Basketball B team. This is my first year playing basketball and of course playing with a school team is also a brand new experience. We did not have a lot of people on our team this year and we only had one game where we lost… However, I did feel that this experience was valuable for me. First of all, playing on a collaborative team like school basketball is a brand new experience for me. Having doing Wushu for the past ten years, I had rarely focused on playing any other sports with a team. Plus that the Wushu is actually an individual thing even though we perform and go to competitions as a team. The first time that I had been formally introduced basketball was grade 9 in PE class at Rockridge. We practiced dribbling and ball handling and played a lot of 3 on 3 games. That was when I started to feel that basketballĀ is fun.

This year in basketball, we practiced mainly on basic drills to get the team together and give us a chance to know each other. A lot of us did not have tons of experience in basketball so we did a lot of basic stuff such as dribbling and passing rather than complicated team formations, techniques, and so on. Overall I think it was a rewarding experience, at least for getting me out of bed on winter mornings.

Fanny Wang

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