Peter Pan 2016-Second star to the right and Straight on till morning!

An ongoing commitment for me from late September till February 12th was the upper school theatre production-Peter Pan. The show was divided into 5 Acts and lasted about 2 hours. I acted as the fairy ‘Zarina’ in the show. This production was an enormous amount of time commitment in it and I definitely think that it was worth it because the final outcome was amazing. Although I did not have a big role in the play, I think I really enjoyed just being part of it and looking at how this show has been pieced together from fragments to a 2-hour show. Everyone was working so hard, especially during the weeking before and during the show, we were all staying at school almost all day. The most important thing that this commitment has taught me was probably time management. As a grade 10 student, there was a lot of coursework during the month of Feburary where all the essays and tests were coming up. However, as Peter Pan rehearsals took up almost all weekends and after-school time, I think I needed to figure out a way to balance all of the rehearsal time while I do not get left behind with my courses.

I had never been on such a large production team before. During the rehearsal dates, it sometimes felt overwhelming, but until the actual performance dates, I started to really appreciate all the work that everyone has done to piece together this large show. Just several days before our actual show, I was actually complaining about how this show took up so much of time, however, after our first show, I really felt that everything had paid off. We had a huge audience. We had cheers. Not only because of those, most importantly, it was the realization of this 5 months has come an end and we had to say goodbye to each other after 3 days.

Special thanks to Ms. Race and all the crew. I really enjoyed the being part of this.


Fanny Wang

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