Senior School Concert Band Reflection

This year, I was part of the SS concert band and I played the flute. As we just finished our last performance of the year, I think it is important for me to write a reflection of this year. It is my first year playing the flute, although I have seen and learnt a little bit about it from my friend before. First time picking up the flute, I did not feel good. I could not even make a sound. However, as I practiced in the little room inside the band room during band practices, I started to be able to play notes. At the moment of the concert, I was able to follow along the band forĀ Down the Country Lane, which was a slow, patriotic country music, but struggled a little bit with Layla, which was a fast jazz-style song. However, reflecting on the whole year in band, I think I really enjoyed practicing and learning from my peers. It was a great time in the band as we explored a variety of music. I did miss a bunch of practices because of school work but overall I enjoyed the experience and feel good that I had learned a new instrument.

Fanny Wang

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