Senior School Concert Choir Reflection

“We are never a complete group…” This year, I am part of this ‘never-completed’ SS concert choir. Despite the fact that we did not have a lot of people, I enjoyed this experience. As Mr. Ye is new to the school this year as well, we got a chance to explore methods that worked the best for our practices and pieces that we wished to do. Some of my favourite pieces from this year are Photograph by Ed Sheeran and Over the Rainbow. We got to explore a variety of music and try out different styles and even vocal parts. I was part of the alto at the beginning of the year, later on, I started doing soprano because Mr.Ye told me to challenge my voice especially with pieces like Over the Rainbow that has a high soprano part. Overall, I think my voice developed a lot and I really enjoyed singing with a group like this. It was a neat experience to have in my first year at Mulgrave.

Fanny Wang

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