CAS Goals


1: Make Principal’s List

2: Join a sports team and win at least three games

3: Try and help out the community more

  1. In order to achieve this goal, I need to focus. I have a real problem with procrastination, and I need to be able to do quality work within a reasonable amount of time so I can finish all my homework.


  1. I am not very good at sports, so the action component of CAS may be difficult for me. The easiest way for me to find an “action” plan is for me to join the badminton team with Mulgrave. However, to win three games, I will need to practice outside of set practices as well.


  1. I already volunteer with Northvanrec and at mosque, but I still think I can do more. Firstly, I should look at all the emails Mr. Wilson sends out and actually participate in them instead of delete them.

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