My name is Faris Mecklai. I am in grade 11 and completely confused about the CAS System. I transferred here from Handsworth last year because of the strike, and already knew some students here so the transition wasn’t hard. However, the major differences is that Handsworth is not private, or IB. I was born in Toronto in 1999 and moved to Vancouver in 2012.

I am unique in a way that I have many different study interests, rather than just one. My three favourite subjects are science, french, and music., and they’re not related at all. In regards to my family I ,thankfully, only have one younger brother in grade 8. My parents are divorced and I have a stepfather. I also have two budgies who are quite small yet very messy, and loud. Majority of my my family is still in Toronto, and i go to visit them once a year.

After experiencing the IB system for a year, I feel much more comfortable with its concepts and ideals. However, even though it can be aggravating, I know it will be worth it. Even though it takes a lot of energy and time, I thoroughly enjoy it. Before, I was used to only 20 minutes of  homework a night. Now its over two hours!

Overall, I am looking forward to the new school year, but I am definitely not excited for CAS.

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