Month: June 2016

Its the end of the year! This past year, I created a club which took samples of the stream adjacent to our school in order to monitor the effects of ...

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StreamKeepers 2

I don’t understand why my friends don’t believe that I go to the gym. Hahaha… no I do. Being a person that generally has no admirati...

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I had my first MUN conference today! It was so exhilarating. I was placed in the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural, Organiz...

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I suppose that I should write something in relation to my personal growth or development… so here it is. Over the past year, I must say that my ...

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It’s All About ME

At Mulgrave, I am involved in a variety of different strands including the arts, academics, and service. Two moths ago, anyone at our school involved ...

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Whistler Con Brio Festival

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