At Mulgrave, I am involved in a variety of different strands including the arts, academics, and service. Two moths ago, anyone at our school involved in band or choir to the Whistler Con Brio festival in which we performed and watched other musical groups from around Canada and the USA showcase their talents.

This year, I had a solo. Now, his may not seem like that big a thing yet from the perspective of the performer, it can be the scariest thing they have to deal with. Having a solo taught me a lot of valuable traits and values. Examples of these include teamwork, as the band always has to match the soloist’s tempo and be proportional to their volume, leadership, as the soloist is the only significant one playing, other than the rhythm section, and, the ability to calm oneself. This last one is a big one as it directly correlates to stress and the various methods used to combat it (discussed in a previous post).

Overall, being a soloist, for the first time at Mulgrave, opened my eyes to the ways in which our values and abilities are linked, offering insight into the connection between the ways and types of knowledge.

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