How to begin… It is extremely hard to explain my growth and development, through reflection, over the period of two years, in only one blog post...

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I’m Done?!

Over the past few months, I have been able to achieve a few of my CAS goals. For my action, I was able to burn 200 calories, and walk 3000 steps on t...

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CAS Goal Outcomes

MY-CAS eFOLIO PLAN (G7-10): Complete and post this plan at the start of the year. Student Name: Faris Mecklai  Grade: 10 Advisor: Anson Find the onli...

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CAS Goals and Plan

CAS Goals   1: Make Principal’s List 2: Join a sports team and win at least three games 3: Try and help out the community more In order to achi...

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CAS Goals

My name is Faris Mecklai. I am in grade 11 and completely confused about the CAS System. I transferred here from Handsworth last year because of the s...

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