Post about elective

I’m in the Creative Writing, Mathematical Thinking and Launch your Learning for leap elective. I really enjoy doing these course for my elective.

Creative Writing: 

I’ve learned various writing skills, components of short story, and word games in the elective. We always have a ten mins quick write after the elective starts. Then we will work on the writing assignments that Mr.Jones gives us. We usually play a word game in the last fifteen minutes of the class. That is very fun. I’ve done many different kinds of essays, poems in the elective.

Mathematical thinking class: 

We often try to solve variety of questions that Mr. Eakin gives us in the first thirty minutes and then we can choose either to play chess or solve sudoku. I also learned many different Math games in the elective.

Launch Your Learning:

I always do my homework in Launch your learning elective. This is my favourite elective, as I can get time to do my homework during the elective. I can sometimes finish my homework in the school and no more homework at home. The teacher will always there, if I have any questions. It is a good opportunity for me to ask questions, which I don’t understand, in the elective.