A Progress Report Reflection

In my Report Card #1:

I think I’ve done well in English, Math and Science. Especially for English, I’ve never thought I can achieve this grade. I’m very proud of myself. I did not get very high marks on Design technology and Physical education. Design technology is a new staff for me, I didn’t have this class in my old school, so it is a huge challenge for me. I also have actually build a modal. I am working hard and trying to improve my DT grade. ¬†Performing arts also is a new course for me. This class is very interesting and I think I’ve done well in this course.

I did well in Social Studies too, but I only got level 3-4 in one part of the rubric, which is the Criterion C Think critically, Mr.Mullen said that I only completes a simple analysis of concepts, events, issues, models or arguments. Completes a simple analysis and/ or evaluation of some sources in terms of origin  and per pose, recognizing values and limitations. Identifies different perspectives and their implications. As a result, I think I still need to work on Criterion C in S.S.



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