Sunrise Tennis- an hour


Walking along the seaside- 45 mins


Walking along the seaside- 45 mins


Running exercise- 30 mins


Running exercise- 30 mins


Walking along the seaside- 45mins


Badminton in West Vancouver Community- an hour and half

Minor Servies Post

Minor Service:

I did Food Bank in March as my minor service. I helped send out the flyers to each residences in our apartment and glued the big posters in the lobby with the manager of the apartment. I donated four cans of pork luncheon meat, three cans of salmon and two bags of cereal. At the end of this activity, I helped collect and gather the donates from every residents and sent them to the major manager of our apartment. It actually took me about two weeks to prepare it and two days to collect and gather those donates.

Minor action Post

Minor Action:

My minor action for this year was learn badminton in West Vancouver Community Centre. I usually had my lesson on Sunday from 3:30p.m. to 5:00 p.m. I’m not interested in playing badminton, still I chose it as my minor action for no reason. It might because my father is really good at playing badminton, so it actually motivate me. My coach spent a lot of time in teaching me the basic skills. We always played against each other in the last ten minutes of the lesson. I think this method helped me improve a lot. I learned how to put my opponent in an negative position while playing against my coach. I think I will continue doing this as my minor action next year, it was very fun!

Minor Creativity Post

Minor Creativity: 

My minor creativity for this year was learning traditional Chinese musical instrument. It is different from the one I did for my major creativity.I usually practice it one hour per day.  I used to play two transitional Chinese musical instruments, I stopped learning this one as I had to come to Canada. I kept learning the other one in Canada as it is easy to bring. My parents agree me to keep learning this one in Vancouver, because they found I have an enormous passion on traditional Chinese musical instrument. Fortunately, my current teacher is able to play both Chinese instruments. I went to her home twice every week: Tuesday for Erhu and Wednesday for this one.

Major Action Post

Major Action:

I joined Sunrise Tennis as my major action this year. This was an in school tennis team. We had practice from 6:45 to 7:50 on Monday morning per week. I found that was very interesting as I’ve never played tennis before. I learned a lot of basic skills in the lesson, such as serve and the standard motion for playing tennis. After the lessons, I can actually play against other people, though I’m still not good at it. I’m really glad that I can find a sport I’m interested in. I‘d like also thanks for my tennis coach, as he spent a lot of time in teaching me.

Major Service Post

Major Service:

Fundraised for Eagle Ridge Hospital is my major service this year. The purpose is to help the children who have listening problems. All the money we earned from chocolate selling was donated to Eagle Ridge Hospital. The price for each chocolate bar is two dollars. “FUNDRAISING BAR-supporting your community ” is printed on all the chocolate bars we sold. I found this was very significant, because I could actually help those children by selling chocolate, not only give money to them. I spent my spare time in helping sell chocolate, not just staying at home and watching movies. This was an important experiment for me.



Major Creativity Post

Major Creativity :

My major creativity during the school year, which from September 2013 to May 2014, is learning Chinese traditional musical instrument. I go to my teacher’s home every Tuesday afternoon in Burnaby and have an hour lesson with her. She is very nice and extremely good at the musical instrument. She is the best teacher I’ve ever met.  I stopped learning  it for almost three years, so I forgot most skills that I had learned before. After I found my current teacher in Burnaby, I told her about my situation and we made a plan together to help me to improve. We started picking up skills in the first two months, then started learning new skills and pieces of music. As a result, I found that I actually improved a lot during the time. Now, I’m preparing for the level test which happening next year in April.  I found I really enjoy learning the musical instrument., and I’ll continue learning it next year as my major creativity.