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Major Creativity :

My major creativity during the school year, which from September 2013 to May 2014, is learning Chinese traditional musical instrument. I go to my teacher’s home every Tuesday afternoon in Burnaby and have an hour lesson with her. She is very nice and extremely good at the musical instrument. She is the best teacher I’ve ever met.  I stopped learning  it for almost three years, so I forgot most skills that I had learned before. After I found my current teacher in Burnaby, I told her about my situation and we made a plan together to help me to improve. We started picking up skills in the first two months, then started learning new skills and pieces of music. As a result, I found that I actually improved a lot during the time. Now, I’m preparing for the level test which happening next year in April.  I found I really enjoy learning the musical instrument., and I’ll continue learning it next year as my major creativity.

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