“Glow” is the Upper School Music Holiday Concert, that featured performances by all of Mulgrave’s Upper School choirs, bands, jazz bands, jazz choirs and the string ensemble. Same as last year, we performed at West Vancouver United Church on December 15th. After our chamber choir arrived the church, we began to rehearsal. The performance is from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm, many parents and teachers were invited to watch it. As it was a holiday concern, we chose a few pieces of song that relate to Christmas. Our performance was excellent. Fortunately, we also got chance to watch other’s performances. It was a good experiment.


I joined the design club at school this year. This club is responsible for our school posters. We have to make different posters for every activities or performances that happen or relate to our school, then send the finished work to the Art Council. This club involves students from grade 7 to grade 12. As the lack skill of making poster, therefore, most of the time I am the person who communicate with teachers. After communicating with teachers, I am responsible for sending the instructions and requirements to my peers. From the past five months, our club made various posters that are displaced at school, such as soccer games, Fall Fusion, Peter Pan, etc.


This year, I join the chamber choir of our school. Our rehearsals are twice each week, Tuesday after school from 3:35 to 5:30 and Thursday before school from 7;30 to 8;30. From September to the beginning of November, we practiced many different pieces of music. The one that I like the most is “After the War”. We performed this song with a few pieces of other music on the Remembrance Day Assembly at school in November. Afterwards, we started to work on the Christmas songs immediately. We had to learn the clapping part in one of the song that was chosen by our chamber choir teacher. We had to clap while singing, that took us a lot of time to practice.