Term 1 Personal Reflection

In term 1 report card, I received a level 6 in English, which is the achievement that I’m most proud of. I worked hard for my English IOP last November to December, I think this is the project that help improving my English level. My English teacher helped me a lot on this project, therefore, I could achieve a 7 in this presentation. I hope that I can keep receiving a level 6 by continue working hard in English and communicating with teacher if have any questions or problems.

I also achieve my academic goal in term 1. I received a level 6 in Biology. I will keep following my study plan for Biology, and remains in level 6 for next report card.

The weak subject in term 1 is chemistry, as I did not achieve a good level on the previous two tests. I’m going to make a study plan to improve my chemistry mark and communicate with my subject teacher about the method of improvement.

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