Whistler Trip

All the students in choir and band went to whistler last weekend, which from April 21st to 24th. As a singer in chamber choir, I had the chance to perform three different pieces in front of the audiences from other school and place. We performed “Milk”, “Wayfaring Stranger”, and “Sea Lullaby” as Mulgrave chamber choir on Friday. After the performance we also had an one hour workshop with one of the judges. I felt it was helpful for improving our singing skills. As a group we watched other schools’ performances as well. We watched the performance of our school’s vocal jazz on Friday night, they were excellent and I was really enjoy their singing.

On the second day of the trip, we watched the performance of our school jazz band and I also attended soprano workshop and mass choir rehearsal. I learned many useful skill for singing in choir. I also got the opportunity to meet some students from other school and had a chat with them. It was an great trip and I accumulated a lot of experience during this short trip.

Senior School Band and Choir Night

Last Wednesday, April. 13th was the senior school band and choir night. As the singer of chamber choir, I performed four pieces in total with others. The four songs were “Mozart”, “Cells Planet”, “wayfaring stranger”, and “Sea Lullaby”. This was another performance opportunity to parents after the Glow event, which happened a few months ago. Everybody in the choir put much more effort. I also had the chance to watch the performance of senior school concern choir, vocal jazz, jazz band and concern band. I felt enjoyable as an audience. The next event that is going to happen is the whistler trip from April 21 to April 24. I am looking forward to the trip.


This year I continue spending the spare time with my musical instrument teacher outside school. We meet each other once a week, Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00. I’ve already finished two long pieces and five short pieces with her. Those long pieces are very difficult for me, so I do my best to practice the pieces. However, since I’m a grade 11 student, school life is more stressful than before. I have to reduce my time on practicing musical instrument. Friday afternoon is a good time for me to do my practice, I usually spend most of my Friday afternoon for practising and weekend as well. I always feel relax when I play musical instrument, it is a good way for me to reduce my stress from academe.