CAS Final Reflection

This year I kept practicing my musical instrument with my teacher in Burnaby. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to my creativity commitment are self-awareness and challenge. I think this is not only a skill for me to work on, it also helps me to make my perception of music wider and it also give me the chance to learn the history of my home-country through different pieces of music. I always felt enjoyable when I played the instrument, it helped me to relax from pressure at school. By improving my skills, I got the chance to perform in front of others. I also had the opportunity to share experiences with others and meet new friends who had the same teacher as me.


I am also a member of the chamber choir at school. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to this commitment are: challenge, collaboration, and self-awareness. I got the chance to improve my singing skill in the choir. Sometimes, it is easy to sing alone, because the singer does not have to collaborate with others while she/he is singing. However, when all the singers join together as a whole in a choir, they have to learn how to communicate with others and sing the song just like only one person sings it. So I learned how to communicate with other students while singing, not only look at my music but other people’s eyes. I also had the opportunity to go to Whistler with the chamber choir. I watched many different performances from other schools and met a lot of new friends.


I joined the Design Club at school this year with my friends. The CAS learning outcomes that relate to this service commitment are challenge and collaboration. By working in the Design Club, my communication skill improved a lot. Since I always had to communicate with other students in the club, shared my ideas with them. I helped to build up the communication between teacher and the club. I talked with different teachers, who required posts, and recorded  their requirements and due day on a shared document, so the students who responsible for posts can work on it.


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