2016-2017 Academic Plan

We will have three predicted marks in grade 12, which are in October, December and January. I decided to send the second predicted mark to the universities that I’m going to apply. I realized that I need to work hard this year in order to achieve the maximum mark that I can get.

Biology is one of my higher level courses, which is the hardest subject for me. Therefore, I make a plan that I have to study at least 2 hours per day after school.


This year I continue to work with my teacher on playing the musical instruments. Since I’m currently a grade 12 student, so my lesson with the teacher has changed from Thursday to Sunday afternoon. I can completely focus on my academic work on weekday, which is really efficient way for me. After discussing with my teacher, I decided to attend the New Year Concert that organized by her in January. I’m going to choose two to three pieces to perform in the concert. I hope I can have an excellent performance in the New Year celebration.