Final IB Exams

Finally finished my IB exams in May, which lasts for three weeks. The most painful week was the first week in May, because I need to write my Biology, Math and English papers together. However, after the first week, I only had my Chemistry, Chinese and Geography left. Therefore, I could spent more time on studying other three subjects.

Chemistry exam is the one that I find is challenging for me, because it is my weakness. Paper 1 was time-limited, so I could not have much time to check my answer and paper 2 was not hard but was different from what I expected. Paper 3 was good for me, as most of the questions can be memorized, which is the drug unit. Therefore, I was aiming to do a better work on paper 3 to fill the gaps on both paper 1 and paper 2.

Fortunately, the questions on English paper 2 had one question that I was aiming for, so I was happy and did my best to write a perfect essay on that question. On the other hand, Chinese paper 1 questions seems funny, because it does not associate with current social events, instead, it talks about the life of salmon and their spirit.

The last exam, paper 2 and paper 3 on Geography were excellent. The paper 1 was time-limited, so I wrote much faster on paper 2 and paper 3 and finished writing before the five minutes warning. I hope that I can gain a good results in this final IB exam and have a wonderful holiday in summer break.

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