March Break

During March Break, I went back to China and took a rest at my grandmother’s home. I made a detailed plan for revision, since the final IB exam is nearly approaching. I found there is only two months left before the exam period. I first started reviewing biology, as it is the first course that will be examined. I realized the difficulty of doing final IB exam revision, not like grade 11 final or grade 12 mock exams, the final IB exam wii cover everything that I learned over the past two years at school, I may also meet the questions that I’ve never done before. I think I need a long time revision before the exams.

Beside studying, I also spent all of my spare time with my grandmother, because we only meet each other one time per year. My purpose of going back China is to look after her and makes her happy. We talked a lots everyday and we even went to garden in the morning. I enjoyed the time with her. She also tells me her past experiences when she was young, which I found very educational. I spent one hour to write down what she said to me, especially the important event.

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