Final IB Exams

Finally finished my IB exams in May, which lasts for three weeks. The most painful week was the first week in May, because I need to write my Biology, Math and English papers together. However, after the first week, I only had my Chemistry, Chinese and Geography left. Therefore, I could spent more time on studying other three subjects.

Chemistry exam is the one that I find is challenging for me, because it is my weakness. Paper 1 was time-limited, so I could not have much time to check my answer and paper 2 was not hard but was different from what I expected. Paper 3 was good for me, as most of the questions can be memorized, which is the drug unit. Therefore, I was aiming to do a better work on paper 3 to fill the gaps on both paper 1 and paper 2.

Fortunately, the questions on English paper 2 had one question that I was aiming for, so I was happy and did my best to write a perfect essay on that question. On the other hand, Chinese paper 1 questions seems funny, because it does not associate with current social events, instead, it talks about the life of salmon and their spirit.

The last exam, paper 2 and paper 3 on Geography were excellent. The paper 1 was time-limited, so I wrote much faster on paper 2 and paper 3 and finished writing before the five minutes warning. I hope that I can gain a good results in this final IB exam and have a wonderful holiday in summer break.

Final Reflection of Grade 12

This year is the busiest year during high school time. As a grade 12 students I have to strive to maintain my predicted marks, and I also need to spent time on applying universities. I went to the University of Toronto session, got some basic understanding of the university and asked my questions to them. These sessions are helpful to us.

Besides university application, I also finished my extended essay in October, internal assessments for chemistry, biology, math and geography. The written assignments for English and Chinese were finished in the beginning of March. The most challenging task- Tok essay was also finished, this is my biggest achievement this year, because I really struggle on writing this type of essay. Fortunately, I completed this essay with the help from Mr. Davis.

Even though the year of grade 12 was busy and difficult, but I find that everybody are more united. Grade 12 semi-formal, grade 12 farewell assembly are the most memorable events for me. I also took my grad photos and the funny crime photos this year. There were lots of events in grade 12 that makes my final year of high school memorable and interesting.

April Revision

After coming back from March break, we finished the two year courses in most of the subjects, except biology. Biology HL will not be finished until the end of April, this put much more pressure on me, because there are much more lessons and notes compared with other subjects. During the in-class revision, I used the time wisely to maximum my study time. I also ask questions to my teacher when I have trouble with solving difficult problems. Fortunately, we finished extended essay in October, internal assessments for chemistry, biology, geography and math, and written assignments for English and Chinese. This leaves a plenty of time for studying final exams.

March Break

During March Break, I went back to China and took a rest at my grandmother’s home. I made a detailed plan for revision, since the final IB exam is nearly approaching. I found there is only two months left before the exam period. I first started reviewing biology, as it is the first course that will be examined. I realized the difficulty of doing final IB exam revision, not like grade 11 final or grade 12 mock exams, the final IB exam wii cover everything that I learned over the past two years at school, I may also meet the questions that I’ve never done before. I think I need a long time revision before the exams.

Beside studying, I also spent all of my spare time with my grandmother, because we only meet each other one time per year. My purpose of going back China is to look after her and makes her happy. We talked a lots everyday and we even went to garden in the morning. I enjoyed the time with her. She also tells me her past experiences when she was young, which I found very educational. I spent one hour to write down what she said to me, especially the important event.

University Application

In October, I started my university applications. There are many processes for applying, so I met with my university counsellor frequently. I strived to achieve a better predicted mark that can be sent to different universities. I planned to send my second predicted marks, but I still did my best to maintain my third predicted marks. I hoped that I could finish my application process successfully.

2016-2017 Academic Plan

We will have three predicted marks in grade 12, which are in October, December and January. I decided to send the second predicted mark to the universities that I’m going to apply. I realized that I need to work hard this year in order to achieve the maximum mark that I can get.

Biology is one of my higher level courses, which is the hardest subject for me. Therefore, I make a plan that I have to study at least 2 hours per day after school.

Term 1 Personal Reflection

In term 1 report card, I received a level 6 in English, which is the achievement that I’m most proud of. I worked hard for my English IOP last November to December, I think this is the project that help improving my English level. My English teacher helped me a lot on this project, therefore, I could achieve a 7 in this presentation. I hope that I can keep receiving a level 6 by continue working hard in English and communicating with teacher if have any questions or problems.

I also achieve my academic goal in term 1. I received a level 6 in Biology. I will keep following my study plan for Biology, and remains in level 6 for next report card.

The weak subject in term 1 is chemistry, as I did not achieve a good level on the previous two tests. I’m going to make a study plan to improve my chemistry mark and communicate with my subject teacher about the method of improvement.

Academic Goal 2015-2016

Academic goal: achieve 6 for Biology HL at the end of grade 12

Time: September 2015~ June 2016


We- parents will be happy if I achieve 6 for biology HL at the end of the grade 11

Me- I will get a good grade for biology HL at the end of the grade 11 and have a wonderful summer break without thinking about the subject


  1. find a biology tutor outside of school
  2. study biology at least 2 hours per day
  3. always make a detail and specific notes after class
  4. ask teacher if have any questions that relate to biology
  5. finish homework on time



Sunrise Tennis- an hour


Walking along the seaside- 45 mins


Walking along the seaside- 45 mins


Running exercise- 30 mins


Running exercise- 30 mins


Walking along the seaside- 45mins


Badminton in West Vancouver Community- an hour and half