My friend and I joined yoga classes at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness in West Vancouver. We went to two classes for practicing: Hot Fusion Pilates and Hot Freedom Flow Yoga. There were about ten people in one class. I enjoy participating class in small group, which provides more space and chance to relax myself. I learned many ways to stretch my body. After practicing yoga twice, I find it is a good way to release my stress, especially during exam period.

CAS Final Reflection

This year I kept practicing my musical instrument with my teacher in Burnaby. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to my creativity commitment are self-awareness and challenge. I think this is not only a skill for me to work on, it also helps me to make my perception of music wider and it also give me the chance to learn the history of my home-country through different pieces of music. I always felt enjoyable when I played the instrument, it helped me to relax from pressure at school. By improving my skills, I got the chance to perform in front of others. I also had the opportunity to share experiences with others and meet new friends who had the same teacher as me.


I am also a member of the chamber choir at school. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to this commitment are: challenge, collaboration, and self-awareness. I got the chance to improve my singing skill in the choir. Sometimes, it is easy to sing alone, because the singer does not have to collaborate with others while she/he is singing. However, when all the singers join together as a whole in a choir, they have to learn how to communicate with others and sing the song just like only one person sings it. So I learned how to communicate with other students while singing, not only look at my music but other people’s eyes. I also had the opportunity to go to Whistler with the chamber choir. I watched many different performances from other schools and met a lot of new friends.


I joined the Design Club at school this year with my friends. The CAS learning outcomes that relate to this service commitment are challenge and collaboration. By working in the Design Club, my communication skill improved a lot. Since I always had to communicate with other students in the club, shared my ideas with them. I helped to build up the communication between teacher and the club. I talked with different teachers, who required posts, and recorded  their requirements and due day on a shared document, so the students who responsible for posts can work on it.


Silver Duke of Ed

We went kayaking on the Gulf Islands from April 17th to 19th, which was three days and two nights. As we had too many people participate in this trip this years, we were divided into two groups. I was in the first group with my friends. We learned how to get into the kayak appropriately, read map, and so on. My experience of doing outdoor trip have accumulated even more after this trip. Fortunately, the weather was sunny and beautiful on the first and second days. We also got the opportunity to take a walk around the island on the first day, even though I was tired from kayaking. I still felt excited and took many pictures. We spent our wonderful afternoon on the grass, enjoyed the sunshine and nature on the second day. We also had a lesson about different type of tides in the water. There was a challenge when we went back from the islands. The wind stopped our kayak and we had to kayak very hard in order to keep going forward. Gladly, we finally made this. This trip was a wonderful experience for me in grade ten and I am really looking forward to the Gold Duke of Ed next year.

Action Reflection

This year I decided to participate in the Silver Duke of Ed with my friends. We started planning our trip since September and met every Wednesday at lunch time. We were divided into different groups to work on the plan.  As this was a new experience for me, I worked with the people who were in the Bronze Duke of Ed last year. I learned many skills for how to plan a outdoor trip from them, such as something that I would not think about. I had to have a detailed plan for the whole trip before we going to camp, that included the gear we had to bring with us, first aid information, the nearest hospital, food, transportation, as well as the final cost.

Grade 10 C.A.S Plan

Grade 10 C.A.S. Plan 

1. Creativity- senior concern choir

  • practice: 8:00 to 9:15 every Tuesday
  • practice 7:30 to 8:15 every Thursday
  • From September 2014 to May 2015

2.  Creativity-Chinese traditional music instrument

  • every Tuesday after school
  • From September 2014 to May 2015
  • Practice two hours at home every day

3. Action- Silver Duke of Ed

  • happening in 2015

4.  Service- Mandarin buddy

  • meet every Wednesday at lunch time
  • From September 2014 to May 2015

MY-CAS Final Reflection 2014

Fiona successfully answered the following questions in detail and did a filmed presentation (#5) during the CAS Final Reflection:

  1. Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most interesting and of the most relevance to you? (Self-awareness. Exploration. Planning and Initiative. Collaboration. Commitment. ‘Global /Local Impact. Ethics. New Skills.) <Explain why>
  2. Of the CAS activities you engaged in this year, which was your favourite and why?
  3. From which activity do you feel you learned the most? Why?
  4. Identify one activity in CAS you want to do next year (may be a new or repeated activity). Why?
  5. FINALLY, share one of your more valuable or important or significant CAS experiences from this year in a creative presentation to class. Please include some kind of media or performance to engage your peers.

Well done! Look forward to next year… Have a great summer!

Minor action Post

Minor Action:

My minor action for this year was learn badminton in West Vancouver Community Centre. I usually had my lesson on Sunday from 3:30p.m. to 5:00 p.m. I’m not interested in playing badminton, still I chose it as my minor action for no reason. It might because my father is really good at playing badminton, so it actually motivate me. My coach spent a lot of time in teaching me the basic skills. We always played against each other in the last ten minutes of the lesson. I think this method helped me improve a lot. I learned how to put my opponent in an negative position while playing against my coach. I think I will continue doing this as my minor action next year, it was very fun!

Major Action Post

Major Action:

I joined Sunrise Tennis as my major action this year. This was an in school tennis team. We had practice from 6:45 to 7:50 on Monday morning per week. I found that was very interesting as I’ve never played tennis before. I learned a lot of basic skills in the lesson, such as serve and the standard motion for playing tennis. After the lessons, I can actually play against other people, though I’m still not good at it. I’m really glad that I can find a sport I’m interested in. I‘d like also thanks for my tennis coach, as he spent a lot of time in teaching me.

CAS Reflections

I’m doing my major creativity and major action now.

Major Creativity:

My major creativity is learning the traditional Chinese musical instrument. I go to my teacher’s home every Tuesday in Burnaby and have an hour lesson with her. I practise it an hour per day and two hours on the weekend. I’m learning two long pieces of music and three short pieces of etude.

Major Action: 

My major action that I’m doing right now is Sunrise tennis. I have practise very Monday morning from 6:45 a.m. to 8: 00a.m. at Hollyburn Tennis Court. I found it is very hard as I’ve never played it before. I’m learning the basic skills, and I’ll start learning how to play in a short distance next class.



CAS Plan

Major Creativity: 

Learning traditional Chinese musical instrument (Erhu)

Learning outcomes: self-awareness

Major Action:

Sunrise Tennis in the school

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, exploration, new skills

Major Service: 

Fundraise for Eagle Ridge Hospital by selling chocolate bars.

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, planning&initiative, collaboration, commitment, global impact, ethics

Minor Creativity: 

Learn traditional musical instrument (Guzheng)

Learning outcomes: self-awareness

Minor Action: 

Badminton in West Vancouver Community Centre

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, new skills

Minor Service:

Food Bank in March

Learning outcomes: self-awareness,  planning&initiative, collaboration, commitment, global impact, ethics