CAS Final Reflection

This year I kept practicing my musical instrument with my teacher in Burnaby. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to my creativity commitment are self-awareness and challenge. I think this is not only a skill for me to work on, it also helps me to make my perception of music wider and it also give me the chance to learn the history of my home-country through different pieces of music. I always felt enjoyable when I played the instrument, it helped me to relax from pressure at school. By improving my skills, I got the chance to perform in front of others. I also had the opportunity to share experiences with others and meet new friends who had the same teacher as me.


I am also a member of the chamber choir at school. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to this commitment are: challenge, collaboration, and self-awareness. I got the chance to improve my singing skill in the choir. Sometimes, it is easy to sing alone, because the singer does not have to collaborate with others while she/he is singing. However, when all the singers join together as a whole in a choir, they have to learn how to communicate with others and sing the song just like only one person sings it. So I learned how to communicate with other students while singing, not only look at my music but other people’s eyes. I also had the opportunity to go to Whistler with the chamber choir. I watched many different performances from other schools and met a lot of new friends.


I joined the Design Club at school this year with my friends. The CAS learning outcomes that relate to this service commitment are challenge and collaboration. By working in the Design Club, my communication skill improved a lot. Since I always had to communicate with other students in the club, shared my ideas with them. I helped to build up the communication between teacher and the club. I talked with different teachers, who required posts, and recorded  their requirements and due day on a shared document, so the students who responsible for posts can work on it.



I joined the design club at school this year. This club is responsible for our school posters. We have to make different posters for every activities or performances that happen or relate to our school, then send the finished work to the Art Council. This club involves students from grade 7 to grade 12. As the lack skill of making poster, therefore, most of the time I am the person who communicate with teachers. After communicating with teachers, I am responsible for sending the instructions and requirements to my peers. From the past five months, our club made various posters that are displaced at school, such as soccer games, Fall Fusion, Peter Pan, etc.

Service Reflection

Mandarin Buddy was one of my services at school in grade 10. I was helping a grade seven student, who takes Mandarin course at school. We met each other every Friday from 1:30 to 2:00.As a student from Mandarin HL, I helped him with his everyday homework and prepared for his next lesson. My first task was help him prepare for his presentation. I corrected his pronunciation and grammar during our meeting.

Service Reflection

I participated in the Walk So Kids Can Talk 2015 activity on May, 03. I signed up for the walk at school and became a member of Mulgrave 2015 team. The 5 kilometre walk took place at David Lam Park in Vancouver. There were many people participated in this walk: kids, adults, families, and community organizations. The walk supports the Kids Help Phone and provides help and hope to kids everywhere. It started at 11 a.m. and I walked with  Mulgrave team. It only took us about one hour to finish the walking. I am glad that I could become a member of Mulgrave team and helped supporting it. I feel this is a special experience for me, therefore, I will keep tracking on this activity in the future.

Grade 10 C.A.S Plan

Grade 10 C.A.S. Plan 

1. Creativity- senior concern choir

  • practice: 8:00 to 9:15 every Tuesday
  • practice 7:30 to 8:15 every Thursday
  • From September 2014 to May 2015

2.  Creativity-Chinese traditional music instrument

  • every Tuesday after school
  • From September 2014 to May 2015
  • Practice two hours at home every day

3. Action- Silver Duke of Ed

  • happening in 2015

4.  Service- Mandarin buddy

  • meet every Wednesday at lunch time
  • From September 2014 to May 2015

MY-CAS Final Reflection 2014

Fiona successfully answered the following questions in detail and did a filmed presentation (#5) during the CAS Final Reflection:

  1. Which of the 8 Learning Outcomes did you find the most interesting and of the most relevance to you? (Self-awareness. Exploration. Planning and Initiative. Collaboration. Commitment. ‘Global /Local Impact. Ethics. New Skills.) <Explain why>
  2. Of the CAS activities you engaged in this year, which was your favourite and why?
  3. From which activity do you feel you learned the most? Why?
  4. Identify one activity in CAS you want to do next year (may be a new or repeated activity). Why?
  5. FINALLY, share one of your more valuable or important or significant CAS experiences from this year in a creative presentation to class. Please include some kind of media or performance to engage your peers.

Well done! Look forward to next year… Have a great summer!

Minor Servies Post

Minor Service:

I did Food Bank in March as my minor service. I helped send out the flyers to each residences in our apartment and glued the big posters in the lobby with the manager of the apartment. I donated four cans of pork luncheon meat, three cans of salmon and two bags of cereal. At the end of this activity, I helped collect and gather the donates from every residents and sent them to the major manager of our apartment. It actually took me about two weeks to prepare it and two days to collect and gather those donates.

Major Service Post

Major Service:

Fundraised for Eagle Ridge Hospital is my major service this year. The purpose is to help the children who have listening problems. All the money we earned from chocolate selling was donated to Eagle Ridge Hospital. The price for each chocolate bar is two dollars. “FUNDRAISING BAR-supporting your community ” is printed on all the chocolate bars we sold. I found this was very significant, because I could actually help those children by selling chocolate, not only give money to them. I spent my spare time in helping sell chocolate, not just staying at home and watching movies. This was an important experiment for me.



CAS Plan

Major Creativity: 

Learning traditional Chinese musical instrument (Erhu)

Learning outcomes: self-awareness

Major Action:

Sunrise Tennis in the school

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, exploration, new skills

Major Service: 

Fundraise for Eagle Ridge Hospital by selling chocolate bars.

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, planning&initiative, collaboration, commitment, global impact, ethics

Minor Creativity: 

Learn traditional musical instrument (Guzheng)

Learning outcomes: self-awareness

Minor Action: 

Badminton in West Vancouver Community Centre

Learning outcomes: self-awareness, new skills

Minor Service:

Food Bank in March

Learning outcomes: self-awareness,  planning&initiative, collaboration, commitment, global impact, ethics