CAS Final Reflection

This year I kept practicing my musical instrument with my teacher in Burnaby. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to my creativity commitment are self-awareness and challenge. I think this is not only a skill for me to work on, it also helps me to make my perception of music wider and it also give me the chance to learn the history of my home-country through different pieces of music. I always felt enjoyable when I played the instrument, it helped me to relax from pressure at school. By improving my skills, I got the chance to perform in front of others. I also had the opportunity to share experiences with others and meet new friends who had the same teacher as me.


I am also a member of the chamber choir at school. The CAS learning outcomes that relates to this commitment are: challenge, collaboration, and self-awareness. I got the chance to improve my singing skill in the choir. Sometimes, it is easy to sing alone, because the singer does not have to collaborate with others while she/he is singing. However, when all the singers join together as a whole in a choir, they have to learn how to communicate with others and sing the song just like only one person sings it. So I learned how to communicate with other students while singing, not only look at my music but other people’s eyes. I also had the opportunity to go to Whistler with the chamber choir. I watched many different performances from other schools and met a lot of new friends.


I joined the Design Club at school this year with my friends. The CAS learning outcomes that relate to this service commitment are challenge and collaboration. By working in the Design Club, my communication skill improved a lot. Since I always had to communicate with other students in the club, shared my ideas with them. I helped to build up the communication between teacher and the club. I talked with different teachers, who required posts, and recorded  their requirements and due day on a shared document, so the students who responsible for posts can work on it.


Whistler Trip

All the students in choir and band went to whistler last weekend, which from April 21st to 24th. As a singer in chamber choir, I had the chance to perform three different pieces in front of the audiences from other school and place. We performed “Milk”, “Wayfaring Stranger”, and “Sea Lullaby” as Mulgrave chamber choir on Friday. After the performance we also had an one hour workshop with one of the judges. I felt it was helpful for improving our singing skills. As a group we watched other schools’ performances as well. We watched the performance of our school’s vocal jazz on Friday night, they were excellent and I was really enjoy their singing.

On the second day of the trip, we watched the performance of our school jazz band and I also attended soprano workshop and mass choir rehearsal. I learned many useful skill for singing in choir. I also got the opportunity to meet some students from other school and had a chat with them. It was an great trip and I accumulated a lot of experience during this short trip.

Senior School Band and Choir Night

Last Wednesday, April. 13th was the senior school band and choir night. As the singer of chamber choir, I performed four pieces in total with others. The four songs were “Mozart”, “Cells Planet”, “wayfaring stranger”, and “Sea Lullaby”. This was another performance opportunity to parents after the Glow event, which happened a few months ago. Everybody in the choir put much more effort. I also had the chance to watch the performance of senior school concern choir, vocal jazz, jazz band and concern band. I felt enjoyable as an audience. The next event that is going to happen is the whistler trip from April 21 to April 24. I am looking forward to the trip.


This year I continue spending the spare time with my musical instrument teacher outside school. We meet each other once a week, Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 4:00. I’ve already finished two long pieces and five short pieces with her. Those long pieces are very difficult for me, so I do my best to practice the pieces. However, since I’m a grade 11 student, school life is more stressful than before. I have to reduce my time on practicing musical instrument. Friday afternoon is a good time for me to do my practice, I usually spend most of my Friday afternoon for practising and weekend as well. I always feel relax when I play musical instrument, it is a good way for me to reduce my stress from academe.

Term 1 Personal Reflection

In term 1 report card, I received a level 6 in English, which is the achievement that I’m most proud of. I worked hard for my English IOP last November to December, I think this is the project that help improving my English level. My English teacher helped me a lot on this project, therefore, I could achieve a 7 in this presentation. I hope that I can keep receiving a level 6 by continue working hard in English and communicating with teacher if have any questions or problems.

I also achieve my academic goal in term 1. I received a level 6 in Biology. I will keep following my study plan for Biology, and remains in level 6 for next report card.

The weak subject in term 1 is chemistry, as I did not achieve a good level on the previous two tests. I’m going to make a study plan to improve my chemistry mark and communicate with my subject teacher about the method of improvement.


“Glow” is the Upper School Music Holiday Concert, that featured performances by all of Mulgrave’s Upper School choirs, bands, jazz bands, jazz choirs and the string ensemble. Same as last year, we performed at West Vancouver United Church on December 15th. After our chamber choir arrived the church, we began to rehearsal. The performance is from 8:00 pm to 9:30 pm, many parents and teachers were invited to watch it. As it was a holiday concern, we chose a few pieces of song that relate to Christmas. Our performance was excellent. Fortunately, we also got chance to watch other’s performances. It was a good experiment.


I joined the design club at school this year. This club is responsible for our school posters. We have to make different posters for every activities or performances that happen or relate to our school, then send the finished work to the Art Council. This club involves students from grade 7 to grade 12. As the lack skill of making poster, therefore, most of the time I am the person who communicate with teachers. After communicating with teachers, I am responsible for sending the instructions and requirements to my peers. From the past five months, our club made various posters that are displaced at school, such as soccer games, Fall Fusion, Peter Pan, etc.


This year, I join the chamber choir of our school. Our rehearsals are twice each week, Tuesday after school from 3:35 to 5:30 and Thursday before school from 7;30 to 8;30. From September to the beginning of November, we practiced many different pieces of music. The one that I like the most is “After the War”. We performed this song with a few pieces of other music on the Remembrance Day Assembly at school in November. Afterwards, we started to work on the Christmas songs immediately. We had to learn the clapping part in one of the song that was chosen by our chamber choir teacher. We had to clap while singing, that took us a lot of time to practice.

Academic Goal 2015-2016

Academic goal: achieve 6 for Biology HL at the end of grade 12

Time: September 2015~ June 2016


We- parents will be happy if I achieve 6 for biology HL at the end of the grade 11

Me- I will get a good grade for biology HL at the end of the grade 11 and have a wonderful summer break without thinking about the subject


  1. find a biology tutor outside of school
  2. study biology at least 2 hours per day
  3. always make a detail and specific notes after class
  4. ask teacher if have any questions that relate to biology
  5. finish homework on time