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Science Club

In January 2011, I was approached by my then science teacher to become the leader of Science Club after the graduation of the current leader. I had been an active member previous to my promotion but, began to take a whole new approach to the club once I was leader.

In May of 2012, I had decided upon certain expectations and improvements that I wanted to be made for the following year’s science club revival, namely increased student and faculty participation and more practical ‘hands-on’ science experiments. This year, as my first semester as leader, there has been a regular attendance of 15 more students than previously, with guest teachers running experiments and teaching different perspectives on the overhanging topic of Space. Our Chemistry teacher had come in and done a two-round lecture/experiment on the different chemical properties of stars for the participants. I have organized and run the “Science Club Sleepover” over one weekend; we watched the meteor shower and conducted rocket experiments. Science Club has been beneficial to its members as I conduct it as a supplementary program to the science already being covered in class, giving the students an opportunity to delve further into diverse scientific discoveries and theories that are glanced over in class. Club members have seen science come to life, there has been copious amounts of active discussion and the membership is growing on a weekly basis.


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