Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy!

imageRecently, grade 6 students- including me, have participated in a performance: Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy! I think it has been the biggest event since the Eastern USA trip. It was a long tiresome process, but in the end, it will be one of the things I’ll remember for sure. 

In the play, my roll was being part of the Chorus. ”The Chorus it the most important part of the play in ancient Grecian times, and we must know all our lines, or else wwelgetaleoollmixxeddijdjfnguopp- you get the point…“ – The Chorus.

“The Minotaur was a creature half man and half bull, a creature so dangerous and so intelligent that Daedalus had to create the Labyrinth to keep it trapped. It was a beast that stuck fear into the hearts of grown men- and it was always hungry!” – Speaker 2 (me.)

The Chorus consists of around 5-10 men speaking in unison. Thespis was the very first actor, since he was part of the Chorus until he stood up and spoke alone. 

Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy was a play consisting of many famous Greek myths. Theses and The Minotoar, Medusa, Jason and the Argonauts, Promethius, Pandora, Posidion, and so many more! 

Since these myths were originally tragedies, we had changed them in a way that it would become a comedy. 

And remember folks, Don’t Laugh, It’s a Tragedy.

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