Happy Chinese New Year ! 农历新年!

On February 16th it will be the Lunar New Year!  We have been exploring many songs, stories, traditions and crafts related to the Chinese New Year.

Here are some facts that the Grades 1s know about the Chinese New Year:

  1. Each year is represented with a special zodiac animal.  This year is the year of the dog. 狗
  2. The colour red (红色) is a lucky colour to wear during the new year celebrations.
  3. We celebrate together as a family (团圆)
  4. The Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days, ending with a lantern festival on the final day (灯笼节).
  5. We eat special foods like “long life” noodles (面条)and dumplings (饺子).
  6. We receive red envelopes from elders called 红包.

In each class page there are photos of the little dog 小狗 paper craft they created for the Year of the Dog.

Below is a quick video that talks about Chinese New Year:

**There are updated videos in the resource page with additional videos about the Lunar New Year.

Our school wide celebration of the Lunar New Year will be held on Feb. 23rd from 2:30pm to 6pm.  If you have time, please come out and celebrate the new year with us!

Happy New Year!  新年快乐! xin nian kaui le!

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