Mid-Autumn Festival

Recently we celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival here at school.  A whole day celebration was hosted by the Mandarin Department in the Library on October 4th, where all classes were invited to share in the culture and traditions of the festival.  We had students visit the following stations to help them experience the festival:

  1.  Story telling (Change and HouYi 嫦娥和后羿)
  2.  Arts and Crafts 手工 (Lantern making 灯笼, and paper folding)
  3.  Traditional Tea Ceremony 茶艺表演
  4. Traditional Sugar Art presentation 糖人儿表演
  5. Chinese Riddles 猜灯谜
  6. Mooncake Tasting 吃月饼

Below are some video clips on the origins of the festival as well as some photos of the day: