About Me

Hi name is Gregory Read I am 16 years old and I attend Mulgrave School. I am an avid soccer player and supporter of Chelsea FC. I am extremely passionate ¬†about history, especially ancient history. I have a sister that currently attends University of Victoria. I also love video games, especially FIFA, skiing is also one of my passions. My favourite tv shows are FRIENDS, Modern Family and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I am in MERT or Mulgrave Emergency Response team. I obtained my learner’s permit on the first try for driving. I have my standard first aid and my first responder’s certification. When I leave school, I hope to study history at UBC and become a history professor in the long term. I currently play the piano and I enjoy it more, the more I play. I have also wrote a non-ficiotn book on the horrible history of Vancouver for my personal project.