Final Reflection


Senior School Concert Choir – During this year, I explored through different themes and eras of choral music and collaborated with other students to produce the best sound as possible. It was a fascinating experience to attend choral festivals and perform in front of judges and listen to other choirs! I definitely learned many new skills, such as keeping pace with others (because I’d often just go on my own) and understanding the conductor’s (Ms.By) instructions as well.

Senior School Concert Band – It was quite difficult to wake up early on Wednesdays, however, I managed to attend rehearsals every week and improve my flute skills. We performed within school events which was still heaps of fun, and it was a bit of a challenge to focus on lots of things including the score, my fingers, breath, others’ sounds and the conductor’s instructions, but I think all of us deserve a clap for our commitment and collaboration with each other!


Senior Girls Basketball B – I was very skeptical of joining this team at first (just because I’m not an athlete and I’m too lazy), and I was afraid as well since I’m not quite a jock or athletically talented in any way, however, through last season, I learned new skills and how to work with others in a team to lead a successful game. All the practices were in the mornings for most of the time, so I really had to commit to it to go to all the practices and enter classes with my sweat all over me (not really!). Basketball was an excellent way to determine where I am as an athlete and develop my skills including shots, and I would definitely join again next year!

Cross Country – I suck at cardio and whatever exercises there are. So I suffered a lot during cross country and I was obviously lacking skills (I was always at the back and I thank my friends for not laughing at me) but I survived, and that’s the important thing.


Tech Crew – My first year of touching and playing around with all the sound and light equipments was great! I got to run sound during assemblies, set up for events such as zoom festival and middle school artzapalooza and explore through what’s happening backstage during a performance.

Science Tutoring – The science tutoring club was found by Hannah, Sara, Thea and myself, but it hasn’t been very popular so we barely have younger kids asking us things, but one grade 9 kiddo, Sidney signed up for 1:1 sessions and I stepped in to help her, and it definitely has been fun! We meet once a week, and one of her friends is planning to join this week as well.

Downtown Soup Kitchen – I go to Potter’s Mission church every month on Saturday during lunch to help with the church members to provide food for homeless people around the area, and I’m really not a cooking person so I had quite a bit of difficulties compared to my mum and sister (whom are talented in cooking), but the thought that I’m helping with the people around and also giving back to the community drives me and makes me to cut onion in thin slices quickly! (the sizes may not be the same but it’s trying that counts)

LGH YAC – In Lions Gate Hospital’s Youth Advisory Committee, we attended several presentations of hospital employees to explore through different roles of hospital and departments in the community. Also, we did a mother’s day fundraiser, which was very successful, in hope to raise enough money for paediatrics department to buy a new radiometer, a device needed for infants when they’re not able to control their body temperature themselves. This year, we communicated with the community using various social media and the fundraiser, and also learned how the hospital foundation works in a closer look. I’m planning to rejoin next year for more fun!

Digital Good – In Digital Good, we did a bake sale during our school play, “Slayer”, and also helped with project backpack. Bake sale was themed with vampires and blood because that was the theme of the show, and it was very successful! We earned around $400 and donated the money to Seva, organisation that helps restore sight for people don’t have the money to do so. After we finished project backpack at school, we collected all the donations and went to the youth centre where the donations will be used. It was an experience that lead me to acknowledge my position in the community and think about what changes our local actions will bring.

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