G12 Goals


I got a predicted score of 40 at the end of last year, and my current goal is to boost this score up to minimum of 42 and maximum of 45, as soon as possible since my main university application deadline is 15th of October. As I was predicted solid 7s in Bio HL and Chem HL, my main focus is on Maths and Geography (I got 6s for both of them but I believe that I can achieve 7s), as well as Spanish and English (these are my weakest subjects so I’m not optimistic that I will achieve 7s but I would be happy to achieve 6s in these subjects).

Motivation wise, this is something that I’m┬ádetermined to achieve as I really want to study medicine in UK. I will be able to track this easily when a set of anticipated grades is announced early October,


As a member of the Chamber Choir, I am planning to not miss a rehearsal and achieve full attendance. I love singing, and I was actually a very punctual member last year, however, since April, I got so busy that I started to skip rehearsals which I felt really bad about. I know that I won’t be able to go to rehearsals during April an onwards since I won’t be at school, however, I’m going to achieve perfect attendance until March, even during mock exams. I feel that this is a great way to relieve stress and would be more productive than forcing myself to memorise another definition.


For my personal goal, I’m going to complete at least 3 courses related to medicine on FutureLearn. Since I want to study medicine at uni, I thought that it would be a great start to experience med courses and have a taste of them before I dig right in. Also, I believe that these experiences will help me in my future courses.

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