Mock Exams Prep

The mocks are starting soon and I thought that I should go over how I studied and prepared for them.

Biology – Bio Paper 1 and Paper 2 will be the start of all exams so I’m quite nervous about this subject, also because I’ve been aiming for 7 but achieving 6. I went through my notes and the textbook quite thoroughly and now I’m looking at the study guide (syllabus) to make sure that I haven’t left anything out.

Chemistry – I have always done well in chemistry, however, that doesn’t mean that I can sit back and relax. Again, I went through my notes and examples that Mr.Pulfer uploaded for us and I’m just reviewing my notes now.

Geography – I never got a 7 on this subject but 5 and 6, so I really want to aim high for Geo. I read and read through all the notes and made my own notes as well. I’m particularly weak in Paper 2 so I’m going to be focusing on it.

Maths – Maths is a very challenging subject so I’m very nervous about how this is gonna turn out. I reviewed key questions in textbook and equations and also did some practice questions that Dr.Frewin gave us but maths tests are generally unpredictable and extremely challenging so I don’t think I’ll do particularly well in this subject.

Spanish – I am not so nervous about espanol because I’ve been improving steadily and I am getting more and more confident of especially the writing segment of the test. I’m reviewing my grammar notes for now because the endings can be very confusing.

English – I am not really sure how to prepare for Paper 1, so i’m just reviewing how I should approach the question. For Paper 2, I re-read the texts that we studied and made notes again on the texts.

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