Term One Reflection

(This post will be based on the Term One Reflection sheet that Ms.G gave us.)

Term 1 is almost at the end and I think it’s important to go through the highlights of the term!

I think that inquirer is the IB profile that suites me best because I never cease to let go of my curiosity and communicate teachers with my enquiries. Also, the most important thing I learned this term is patience, as I learned (the hard way, perhaps) that hurrying won’t solve anything, and that sometimes it’s better to sit back and relax to reflect on what’s going on and strategise my next move.

My service commitments this term has been soup kitchen, which I’ve been doing since grade 11, and maths tutoring. Through these two activities, I learned the better way to communicate with people and sympathise with them to get our messages to each other clearly. I think services are one of the most important part of my routine because it indicates a way in which I can give back to the community.

I haven’t been so much active this term compared to grade 11, as I only participated in Basketball B team shortly and off school, I came up with a schedule for me to do jogging regularly. Basketball is always a great team exercise, and even though it was quite short this term, I still thoroughly enjoyed it, and I think the jogging was a great decision to stay in shape and also get to explore the night scenery of the city.

My creativity commitment has been largely the choir, and definitely the most exciting highlight was that we went street carolling in Vancouver! It was so much fun and we also watched a mini concert afterwards and it was just great to hang out with everyone after school and sing.

I will be updating on my plans and results for each subject later in my Mock Exams Reflection, however, I do want to talk about my academic goal in this post. At the beginning of my year, my goal was to achieve above 40 (including bonus marks), but I think I have been away from that goal since October. I really need to step up my game for May and I hope my grades are sufficient enough to get into universities that I applied to.

My passion, as always, is Chemistry and general sciences including Biology. I think that my particular success in Chemistry is resulted by my curious attitude and my disposition to know everything, so I am going to stay curious for the next term as well.

I think my (so far) success is all because of the support from teachers. They have always been there for me and did not even get bothered when I constantly bring up questions and try to question everything.

I hope term 2 will be even better and positive for everyone!!

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