Mock Exams Reflection

The mock exams are done, but that doesn’t mean that everything is over because we still have finals to go through. Before getting into the final preparation for finals, I think it is necessary that I review what were the pros and cons of mocks and amend my studying strategies.

Biology – 6. It is lower than what I aimed for, but I didn’t go down either. I think that there needs to be a new plan for bio because I’ve been getting 6 after G11 exams. I am thinking of making review notes and vocab cards separately so that I would remember key terms more efficiently.

Chemistry – 7. It was as expected and I am well above the cutline for 7 so I’m very confident and pleased with the results. However, if there is one sour spot for this, it is that I got a 6 in Paper 1. Paper 1 does have high grade boundaries, so the average percentage for all papers are similar, however, I still want to make sure that I get 7 across the board. I am going to be practicing more multiple choice questions under time restriction to polish my P1 skills.

Maths – 4/5. It was as bad as expected. The questions just threw me off in general and I couldn’t even get method marks for most of the questions. I am planning to ask for all the questions that Dr.Frewin has so I can prepare for various types of questions and I think that for mathematics, practice is the answer.

Geography – 6. I got a very high 5 on Paper 1 (one mark away from 6!) and a high 7 in Paper 2. I expected the results to be reverse because I feel less confident in Paper 2, but I think the studying has paid off. Now I’m just going to balance out Paper 1 and 2 so that I would get high and similar marks in both papers.

Spanish – 6. Last time I got a 5 (in G11 exam) so I’m very pleased of where I’m standing currently, because it suggests that I’m improving consistently. I felt in this exam that I lack vocabulary especially for Paper 1, so I’m going to be focusing on vocabs more.

English – 4/5. It was apparent that I hadn’t studied enough. I’m going to go over full practice papers with Ms.Lee before May exams to fix my flaws and practice stating the playwright’s purpose more clearly.

Now that my weaknesses has been revealed more thoroughly, I think I have a clear idea of what needs to be done for the finals.

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