Food: Sustainability and Innovation Series

On April 19, David, Jerry, and I attended to one of the lecture of the series called “Food: Sustainability and Innovation”. Professors of UBC and a local farmer has informed the ways of farming in B.C. and linked with the global issue where the food production is reaching the peak. It almost felt like a Geography class from Mr. van Zyl since the issues such as fertilizer run off and eutrophication has already been addressed in the class. Although the lecture has provided the perspective of genetic engineering and farming together, there were no suggestions of any valid solution. The issue around food is always linked with pollutions and soil degradation, especially for United States, and the issue cannot be completely solved if the two environmental impact are still present. However, this issue may expand the market on genetic engineering for microorganisms which may have the possibility to provide an alternative solution rather than increasing types of fertilizers for farming industry.

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