Envision Vancouver

The Jam Fundraiser Project of Envision Vancouver is held by our team of high-school students including Jerry, David and I. This project is attempting to sell home made jams in order to raise the fund for further activities on helping the homeless people living in downtown eastside.

The raw materials, the apple, strawberry and rasberry, were carefully chosen and our group of grade 12 students has participated in the jam-making process which took us more than five hours from smashing the fruit to decorating each glass can with ribbons and printed paper, To ensure the jams have the favourable tastes, we had two test trials in the previous week to examine the amount of pectin required to complete the desired product. The finalized optimal amount of pectin and sugar for, respectively, 10 oz of apple, 10 oz of blueberry, and 10 oz of raspberry. It took 7 hours for 4 of our members to make 48 jars of jams.

On the day of selling jams, located at the atrium of West Vancouver Community Center, we prepared a poster that includes both the flavour of the jams, and a short description of the goals of Envision Vancouver. The outcome of the projects was very successful, where all jams were sold out  in merely a few hours, and the fund raised has achieved a total amount of 206.45, after subtracted from the cost.

It was a unforgetable experience for me that allows me have an insight on risk management in business when David and I had discussed on the number of cans and the pricing of each product in order to avoid a loss in costing.

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