Spring Break Run

After learning about the Running Cat Physical Training Centre, when I had worked in the Running Cat Cafe, I returned to the training centre to discover the newly designed training program with under multimedia technology.  As my lesson starts, which I selected to have more cardio exercises, I figured that the background music and the LED screen rather distractive when I try to concentrate on my training. Thus, as I suggested the issue to my coach, he invited me to the out-door run on the weekend rather than continuing my lessons in the media room. The complete loop is around six kilometres and the time was at night. As I ran with other trainers, I was shocked about how little I knew about the city which I had lived for more than five years. By the end of the run, I decided to design running programs for myself similar to this, but on other parts of Shanghai whenever the weather is more favourable, in order to see the side of the city I have never seen before.

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