Working in Coffee-Shop in Shanghai

In both June and August, I have worked in the Running Cat Cafe in Shanghai, which is a subordinate cafe of the Running Cat Physical Training Centre. The location is close to many housing communities that provides ample customers from working men to house wives. Since there are only four employees working in the cafe, I had learned everything excepting making cakes. The cafe offers healthy meals for customers of the training centre as well as a variety of desserts for families of housing communities, especially for┬ámany of these families which has a young children. From this working experience, the most useful skill I learnt was not how to make espresso drinks nor to make any delicious soda water, but the ability to discover the taste and interest of any customer and find a way to satisfy their desire. This has helped me in my academics as well, such as I feel more comfortable on unveiling the writer’s purpose when doing my English paper 1 practices. Overall, i feel both proud and delighted for my first working experience dispute the tiredness.

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