Final Reflection 2016-17

From my past 2 years in IB diploma, I have encountered many problems and challenges from both inside and outside school. Overcoming the challenges, I have found the two years not only rewarding, and also joyful.

From the beginning of my diploma in Grade 11, I was a little overwhelmed by the increased work load, which causes me to compensate my leisure time as well as my time for physical training in order to catch up with the pacing of my academic schedule. This is also caused by my poor skill in time management, which results as my challenges outside of school, since I had to push the schedule of volunteering and training after my assessments or exams.

I have find my academic improvement to be the most rewarding experience over the two years. As I become more comfortable working with IB’s criteria and its expectation, I become more efficient on finishing my academic work and completing researches, which not only improved my time management skill, but also provided me a life skill to move on in university. Also, it was the most satisfying experience to see my hard work has become the key to enter the university I wanted to study in.

In conclusion, I find the two years in Mulgrave my most precious time of my life, and I am grateful for all the people, especially my teachers and friends from both my school and other communities, who entered my life and brought me challenge and joy.


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