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My name is Harry, from Shanghai. I particularly enjoy reading and working out at gym in weekends. My favorite book, is called The Dancing Girl of Izu. It is written by a Japanese writer, Yasunari Kawabata. He was the first Japanese writer to win Noble Prize for Literature on October 16, 1968. The Dancing Girl of Izu is only a short story of the book, but it is also the title of the book. His words used detailed distributions to create images for reader of the characters’ appearance and their feelings. After reading this book, I realized the importance of details in literature first time in my life! Now, I try use details in my English writings as many as possible. 

When I was in Shanghai, my school did not put much attention on athletics; however, being in a school in U.S. for two years, I knew how important it is to do sports regularly that it helps sleeping. I started doing cross-country with my friend, but my first run on the trail did not last to long since I did not have proper PE class for grade 7 and grade 8. However, I kept running during my free time with my roommate, and we became even better friends.

Now in Mulgrave, I am still trying to get use to the schedule and the different classes, and I hope I can achieve my CAS goal with my academic goals after I manage my schedule perfectly.

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