Ba Zi

Ba Zi is the traditional way of fortune telling that is practiced commonly in ancient China. It uses the date of birth and the time of birth together to form eight characters that has associations with each other, and the property of the five elements embedded in the characters makes the Ba Zi for everyone special. Year, month, day, hour has two character each, coming from the sexagenary cycle. The stem of the day represents the person himself, and its relation with other characters based on the order of five elements gives the eight characters meaning. I spend one days memorizing the order of five elements’ generation and overcoming the unusual pronunciation of the specific characters.

Ms. Chen supervised me to learn various technics on memorizing the characters. The technics were helpful at the beginning but the branched association based on the original characters had challenged me a lot. Because the content of the book is advanced knowledge, I chose to spend some time doing researches before returning into the book. By now, I can do some simple readings based on the information of the date of birth, but it may not be accurate since special formation of the Ba Zi would transform or emerge to different characters which reveals critically different meaning.

Volunteer In West Vancouver Memorial Library

From November 28th to December 26th, I have volunteered at the  West Vancouver Memorial Library as a book-buddy with children who attempts to read books on Saturday morning.

On the first day of volunteer after the orientation, I was nerves because it is the first time for me to do this type of volunteer and I picked a variety of books ranged in different age groups in order to prepare myself before the children’s arrival. However, after I met my book-buddy of the day, I realized that the children have their own favorite series of book, and the book I chose may not satisfy their interest.

On the following weeks, I would prepare only two graphic books and lead my buddy to pick the book they like so they could enjoy the time while reading. Candies are also another trick to help them to concentrate on reading after confirming if they have any allergies with their parents. Once there is a good relationship with my book-buddy, it is much easier to communicate with them especially for then once who are shy.

Final Reflection

Through my first year in Mulgrave, I felt the challenge in my courses which made me more excited on improving my grades. I was not satisfied about by athletic goal since I missed a few practices, therefore, I would do my practice during the summer in order to be in shape for the season in next year. I am also looking forward to the double science course which can make me ready for the applying the science department in UBC. I have the feeling that next year will be a great year.

The Old Man and the Sea

The Old Man and the Sea was a book I read last summer and became my source for the Independent Novel Project in my English class. The protagonist, Santiago, was the symbol that Ernest Hemingway had created, which reflected many of his experiences. One can even argue that the old man was a representative of the workers in the Spanish revolution, and the sharks were the cruel nationalists. It was an amazing book that made me interested in the English language, and I was excited to do my project on it.

Science Reflection

For my science course, I had a difficult time on doing every other work other than the tests in the first term because of my understanding on the criteria was not enough as to my English class. Therefore, as I spend more time on my lab-reports and the research on the in-class essays, my grades on the three other criteria had improved a lot. However, it took the time to prepare for my tests, and that resulted the grade of criteria A dropped. I hope I can manage to improve equally on every criteria next year for both of my science courses.

English Reflection

Since the beginning of the year, the English class was my biggest struggle in all my courses because it was difficult to understand and meet the requirements of IB for me. In the first term, I was lost in the prose and poems given by Mr. Wilson, and I could not make efficient commentary to the text as the criteria asks. However, in the second terms, as I tried to spend more time on my English skills, in essays and taking lessons with a tutor, I got the first level 5 on my criteria A in the whole year on my Macbeth essay. It was the excellent moment to see my effort paid off.

Winter Camp Reflection

Although winter camp is already a few months ago, the memory remains fresh in my mind. It was satisfying to see the snow covered forest, because it was the third time in my life time to see snow, and it was the first time to see a world with white cover. However, our group did not have enough noodles, but had too much snacks, therefore, Eric, Jerry and I were always eating our snacks even hiking. The first night had frozen my phone, that when I tried to use it, the screen would have a thermometer picture and turns itself off. All three of us woke up frequently that night because we could not endure the discriminating temperature. The second night was the high light of the trip, when the three of us had a warm environment to drink hot chocolate and eat chips and watch a movie on our phone. It was the best night in the winter time.

Granville Island Trip

The grade 10 English class went on a field trip to watch a play at Granville Island. It was a great experience because I did not go to the previous trip to Granville Island. The free exploring time before watching the play was the best part of the day. The little shops around the streets had different hand-craft artifacts and exhibits which I had never seen before. Those goods in the shops often come out of the hands of First Nations, and this made me interested in to the First Nation culture, especially about their unique instruments.

Although the play was not as great as the shopping time, the effort of the actors paid off in their bewitching acting. They kept me awake.