Learning Guitar with Eric

During Christmas break, I have visited Eric’s family to review for the mock IB exam. After Eric’s mother kindly invited me to have dinner, I found Eric’s guitar laying on the sofa in the living-room. Out of curiousity, I asked Eric if he would be able to teach me some basic on playing guitar. Once started reading the music sheet Eric handed to me, I found that the sheet is so different from the one’s written for piano, and it took me nearly twenty minuets to understand the difference. The six lines, unlike the five lines on the piano sheet, represents the right hand which picks the string where the numbers on the sheet tells the orieantation of the left hand which presses the string to make a specific sound. After that day, I learned guitar from Eric whenever we have our organized breaks between study periods before the mock exam. This experience helps me to explore the world of music other than simply piano, which I had learned in China since middle school.


Granville Island Trip

The grade 10 English class went on a field trip to watch a play at Granville Island. It was a great experience because I did not go to the previous trip to Granville Island. The free exploring time before watching the play was the best part of the day. The little shops around the streets had different hand-craft artifacts and exhibits which I had never seen before. Those goods in the shops often come out of the hands of First Nations, and this made me interested in to the First Nation culture, especially about their unique instruments.

Although the play was not as great as the shopping time, the effort of the actors paid off in their bewitching acting. They kept me awake.