Duke of Edinburgh

This year, I’m attempting the┬áDuke of Edinburgh Bronze award. This award is given to students in Canada aged 14-25.

There are four components to this award: service, skill, sport, and an adventurous journey. For the skill section, a skill (such as learning how to cook or learning how to play a musical instrument) is chosen and practiced for three months. Similarly, a physical activity (e.g. playing soccer) is chosen for the sport section and a volunteer service project is chosen for the service section. One of the three is then practiced for another three months. For my skill, I’m taking piano lessons. For my physical activity, I’m continuing in Climbing Club. For service, I plan to volunteer with┬ávarious conservation societies like the Lighthouse Park Conservation Society around the North Shore as soon as weather makes this possible.

The adventurous journey consists of, well, an adventurous journey. The school is organizing it; it’s going to be a sailing trip in the Gulf Islands. I’ve never sailed on a boat the size of the boat we’re taking, or sailed for more than a few hours, so this will be a new experience for me.

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