Hi. My name is Harry Crerar and I am a student in grade 8. Since you're reading my blog, you probably know all of this.

Eastern Canada Reflection

One of the gates of Quebec City

A few weeks ago, the entire G9 went on a trip to Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa as part of a Social Studies unit on the history of New France and government in Canada. It was an amazing experience and definitely the highlight of my school year. I learned about the diversity and the history […]


Dad, a few friends of his, and I are writing a book about the local mountains. It’s going to be a guide to all 68 peaks between Howe Sound, Indian Arm, Furry Creek, and Burrard Inlet. It will also include several essays on the history of the mountains and mountaineering in BC, the wildlife of […]

New business

New business

A couple months ago, a friend of my family and I started a small online business selling gluten-free bars. We used godaddy.com to buy the domain. We also used it to build the website (one of my favourite parts of this experience!) I learnt, and I’m still learning, a lot about entrepreneurship, business, web design, […]


MIDDLE SCHOOL THEATRE TRIP: STUDENT REFLECTION by Harry C, G9 On Wednesday, November 9th the Middle School stormed Granville Island to watch the play It’s a Wonderful Life, performed by the Arts Club Theatre. This holiday classic was adapted from the 1947 film of the same name. While the theatre experience is much more ‘real’ […]

Duke of Edinburgh

This year, I’m attempting the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. This award is given to students in Canada aged 14-25. There are four components to this award: service, skill, sport, and an adventurous journey. For the skill section, a skill (such as learning how to cook or learning how to play a musical instrument) is chosen […]

Goals for 2015-16

It’s a new year and I have several goals for the new year! GROW GOAL-SETTING Goal #1: Academic   Study Mandarin and achieve at least a 5 Goal #2: Creativity/Athletics/Service Participate in a debate via Debating Club Goal #3: Social Complete Duke of Edinburgh Bronze  

Math test reflection

I recently recieved my math test.   Things I did well on: Exponents Polynomials Factoring polynomials Probability   Things I did not do so well on: Carefully reading minor details 3D Geometry Negative exponents Poker with Mr Eakin and Mr Mullen

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