Reflecting on Tour De West Vancouver

Our Class observed that the beach is used as a place to chuck garbage for some people. We not only observed this but we took action and picked up garbage. As a group we were quite focused,enthusiastic, and energized. We sleuthed for any garbage in sight, and there was quite a range of objects that we found. There were cigarette buts, bottles, styrofoam, to even excess pipe, clothing, and fishing line. Seeing this garbage made me think that we need to educate people about reducing, reusing, and recycling even more. And maybe we need to start enforcing methods to help save our earth. After our clean up we reflected on how garbage actually affects the beach and ocean. A big example of this is the Great pacific garbage patch. Basically what we talked about was how the toxins from garbage and the garbage itself are consumed by marine animals that we may eventually eat. What we do to the earth will eventually affect us in the end. This part of the field trip definately inspired me.

Our Class also took part in an Ivy Pull. Lots of Fun!!!!!!
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