Term 1 Academic Reflection

So today I will write about something that I’m utterly scared of yet strangely intrigued by: the report card. I received 3 7s, 3 6s, and 2 5s. The 7s were awesome, but I would really like them to be from harder subjects instead of Mandarin, Visual Arts, and Performing Arts; however, I am still very excited by the results, and hopefully I can keep it up in the second term. The 6s look nice, but they could have been better; I was expecting better with my Maths and English (well especially Maths… ), and to be honest, I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed. I will try and care more about Maths projects in the second term instead of only caring about exams, and for English I will try and use my language in a creative way, therefore improving my Criterion D mark. I will try and work harder in Socials too; after all it is my favourite subject. I find that I learn best in classes that I actively participate in, and I sometimes really detest long lectures and working hours. Now for the 5s; I was, to be honest, really happy about the fact that I got a 5 in PE. Pathetic, I know… But I was truly expecting a 3 though… Also, I wasn’t surprised about getting a 5 in Science, given that I actually failed my space essay and got 4s in the lab; however, I am definitely not satisfied by this mark, since I actually feel pretty good in Science and understands easily. This is totally not my real level, and I will try and push it up. My AtL levels significantly improved; I have much more Ms than Us now, and I know it sounds vain, but it looked so much better! Overall, I am 75% satisfied by the results, and I will totally try harder in the second term.

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