G10 New Year Goal Settings

Grade 10 is the first year for me in the senior school and my second year in Mulgrave, this year will be an important year for my high school life, so I need to set up some goals in order to make sure it will be a great year.


For this year, I think I will work more on Math in order to get better overall marks, last year I got 4 for my Math extended class, and I did not write the provincial exam because I feel like I wasn’t ready for. This year I will most likely to move to math ten standard class, so I think I should get no less than 5 for math this year, and also write the provincial exam in April. To achieve that, I need to spend more time on Math works, and also I may need to get a Math tutor to help me while I am having problems. And also for English, I think I will try to get a 5 for this year and rewrite the provincial exam. Mandarin has always been my strength, and I think I should not get any mark less than a 5 and I will try my best to get a six this year.For the rest of the subjects I think I should get a 5, to have a good overall mark. I know this year could be hard for me due to we also need to complete a personal project and eAssessment, but I will still try my best to get the best result.



For creativity, I will keep playing drums and start to learn about composition. And I will take my guitar training as a minor goal, I began to play guitar last year, and I will keep learning it.

For athletic I will keep play golf as a primary activity, and I will take Rugby in the coming season as a minor activity.