November 5

Stand By Me

Last week our class participated in a very informative seminar about friendship. This seminar was called Stand By Me. During this we learnt about bullies, how to stop them, what they do and what to do if you or someone that you knew, were being bullied. I found that this seminar was really interesting for many reasons. Firstly, we did a small survey on who has been bullied in the past year. We all put our heads down and then raised our hands when the instructor said a form of bullying. In the end the results were different from what many people expected. There was a lot of people who have been bullied in just this year alone! We also heard some devastated true stories about some people who had been bullied. I found these stories very upsetting because most of the problems could have been easily prevented. Lastly, the major part of this workshop was that we got a chance to apologize to anybody who you might of bullied, even without knowing it. When someone apologized then the person who they apologize to would get a chance to accept their apology, or tell them that they should talk it out a bit more another time. That person would then apologize to the person who originally apologize to them if they had done anything back to that person, but only if they wanted to. I found this very nice because we got to find out that a person, who had not necessarily been the nicest person to you, was actually really sorry for what they had done. After we all apologize, we all got a chance to ask for an apology from someone. I found this really comforting because many people do not realize that they had bullied someone and had only done it by accident. I found this workshop amazing because we learnt so much. One really valuable lesson I learnt during Stand By Me, is that even if you do not mean something that you do, it does not matter. it only matters what the person you did thinks about it. In the end I think that it was a great idea to have the seminar, Stand By Me. Everyone in the class learnt that bullying is not just a horrible act to perform, but an act that has terrible consequences. It was really worthwhile and valuable.

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