November 21

Democracy, Bullying, Fairness and Coercion

Yesterday during mentoring, we had a talk on some very important things. One of those was bullying. This part of the talk was about how bullying is a lot more common onine now and how if you would not say something to someone’s face then don’t say it at all. I think it wrong to hurt people’s feelings or make life unfair for someone. One way that bullying happens is when there is any type of elections; specifically democratic elections. This was what the second part of the elections was about. Even though these are supposed to be fair most of the time there is coercion. This can be a type of bullying. During elections, many people feel pressured to vote for once person and not the other. During the Mulgrave
elections there was none of this making very fair. I found this talk very informative and significant.

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