February 14

“They Lied”

Lately, in Mentoring, we have been talking about drugs. Last week we watched a short video on how people around you lie to convince you to take drugs. In this video it gave examples of some of the many different ways people are convinced to take drugs. Two of the ways that made people do drugs, in this video, revolved around school and friends. I think that kids and teens are under a lot of pressure at school. I think that many students do drugs because they are told that it would help them get through exams or tests in school. What happens though is that instead of helping you through whatever is going on in school, the drugs just make you even more frustrated as you cannot concentrate. Another way people lie to convince other people to use drugs is that they say it will not lead to other drugs. This is obviously a lie because most people who take one type of drugs end up taking a more dangerous drug. The last thing that I am going to mention is that people around you, who want you to take drugs, will tell you that it is safe. Even though they tell you that you would not get addicted when you only take a drug for the first time, you are most likely to get addicted. There are many ways that people lie to you to get you to take drugs.

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  1. Mr. Cusbert

    Great blog entry, Jenissa! You covered some of the main strategies that acquaintances use to try to get you to start drugs. Now you know the tricks, you can avoid getting sucked in!

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